Tiger Woods live score: Updated PGA Championship leaderboard, results, highlights from Thursday’s Round 1

Tiger Woods will be back in a major golf tournament for the second time in 2022.

Woods appeared at the 2022 Masters, his first major appearance since a near-fatal February 2021 car crash, and made the cut after the first two rounds, though he began to fall back late, finishing in 47th at 13 over par.

Woods is now set to appear at the 2022 PGA Championship, which is being held at the site where he won the event the last time, the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

He’s starting Round 1 in a challenging group, including two of the top contenders for the 2022 PGA Championship. Joining him at the 10th hole at 9:11 a.m. ET will be Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth. McIlroy is the only other golfer in the field besides Woods with multiple wins (McIlroy won in 2012 and 2014; Woods’ four wins trail only Jack Nicklaus’ and Walter Hagen’s five wins for the most). Spieth has never won the PGA Championship.

The Sporting News is tracking scores and highlights from Tiger Woods and his group, Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, from the first round of the 2022 PGA Championship. Follow along for coverage of their day at the Southern Hills Country Club.

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Tiger Woods’ score: Live results, highlights from Round 1

Hole (Par) Tiger Woods’ score (place) Rory McIlroy’s score (place) Jordan Spieth’s score (place)
10 (4) -1 (T-4) E (T-11) E (T-11)
11 (3) -1 (T-4) E (T-14) E (T-14)
12 (4) -1 (T-7) -1 (T-7) -1 (T-7)
13 (5) -1 (T-7) -2 (T-3) -1 (T-7)
14 (3) -2 (T-4) -3 (T-1) -1 (T-9)
15 (4) -1 (T-11) -4 (1) E (T-24)
16 (4) -1 (T-11) -4 (1) +1 (T-38)
17 (4) -1 (T-12) -4 (1) +1 (T-38)
18 (4) E (T-19) -4 (1) +2 (T-48)
1 (4) +1 (T-32) -4 (1) +2 (T-45)
2 (4) +2 (T-44) -5 (1) +2 (T-44)
3 (4) +1 (T-36) -5 (1) +2 (T-44)
4 (4) +2 (T-42) -5 (1) +2 (T-42)
5 (5) +2 (T-38) -6 (1) +2 (T-38)
6 (3) +2 (T-36) -5 (1) +3 (T-47)
7 (4) +2 (T-46) -5 (1) +2 (T-46)
8 (3) +3 (T-62) -4 (T-1) +2 (T-52)
9 (4)

Hole 9, Par 4

Shot 2: Woods’ shot carries past the green, but avoids any of the bunkers. Spieth also has his ball land past the green. Despite the toughest spot to shoot from, McIlroy makes the most of the chance, landing a few feet away from the green. He’ll putt for a chance at a birdie.

Shot 1: Spieth blasts it off the tee, and his shot stays on the fairway. Woods’ drive sails to the right, but hits a tree and lands in the fairway. McIlroy’s tee shot lands in the rough just inside 100 yards away from the hole.

Hole 8, Par 3

Shot 4: McIlroy finishes with a bogey, second time in four holes. Woods also finishes with a bogey.

Shot 3: Woods’ putt for par goes a bit to the left. He won’t be able to tap that one in. Spieth finishes with par. McIlroy’s putt sails just wide of the hole. 

Shot 2: Woods’ shot picks up some speed after hitting the green and rolls past the hole. Still on the green. McIlroy flips the ball out of the bunker onto the green with a close approach. Spieth gets close on his first putt attempt, but it’ll take one more tap to finish with par.

Shot 1: Spieth starts on the right side of the green, which hasn’t been easy for golfers to do at the eighth hole in the first round. Woods’ shot winds up beyond the bunker to the right of the green. McIlroy’s shot lands in the left bunker.

Hole 7, Par 4

Shot 4: McIlroy finishes off with par. Woods saves par.

Shot 3: Very nice shot from the bunker by Woods to roll the ball just in front of the hole. He’ll have a good chance to save par. McIlroy rolls a nice putt in front of the hole. Tap in for him ahead. Spieth knocks in the birdie putt.

Shot 2: Woods sends his shot into the front left bunker ahead of the green. McIlroy gets out of a potentially tough start by sending his shot onto the green. Spieth’s shot is the closest to the pin, however, and he’s looking strong for a putt for birdie.

Shot 1: Woods’ drive hooks right and lands well in the rough. McIlroy hooks his drive to the left, where it hits a tree and falls. Spieth has the best drive of the group, sending it straight down the fairway.

Hole 6, Par 3

Shot 4: McIlroy and Spieth wind up with bogeys.

Shot 3: McIlroy’s putt sails just wide right. He’ll have his first bogey of the day. Spieth misses the chance for par. Wood is the only one in the group that finishes up with par.

Shot 2: McIlroy has a good approach, chipping a shot just about to the pin. Set up well for a putt for par. Spieth’s putt is just short of the hole, as does Woods’. 

Shot 1: McIlroy’s shot off the tee with the iron hits the green and rolls off the back. Spieth’s shot drops on the green still a few yards away from the pin. Woods sends his on the green, and it rolls slightly to the edge. Still in good putting range.

Hole 5, Par 5

Shot 5: Woods and Spieth both finish with par.

Shot 4: Woods’ putt is just to the right of the hole, but he’ll finish it off for a par on a tap in. McIlroy sinks his sixth birdie of the day. Spieth just misses a birdie with a putt to the right. 

Shot 3: Woods drops his shot on the green, but it could be a long putt for a birdie. Spieth’s shot is perfect, placing it a few feet from the hole. McIlroy chips his shot just past the hole, but he’s set up well for a birdie.

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Shot 2: Spieth and Woods move up the fairway on their second shot. McIlroy’s shot might have rolled down into the bunker in front of the green, but it is close.

Shot 1: Powerful drive by McIlroy carries over the trees and lands back on the fairway. Spieth’s drive was not able to clear the trees and gets caught up. Woods sends his shot on the fairway and keeps it short of the bunker.

Hole 4, Par 4

Shot 5: Woods finishes with the bogey.

Shot 4: Great chip shot by Woods that nearly rolls into the hole. Instead, he’ll have a close shot to escape the hole with only a bogey. Spieth and McIlroy finish with par.

Shot 3: Woods’ shot rolls across the green and into the rough. Long putt by Spieth comes up short. McIlroy’s putt sales just wide left. 

Shot 2: Woods nearly gets his shot to land on the green, but it comes up just short. Spieth drops his second shot onto the green. McIlroy’s shot hits the green next to the hole and stops a few feet from the pin.

Shot 1: Woods leads off on the tee and sends a line drive with the iron that skips into the rough on the left side of the fairway. McIlroy crushes the ball with the driver up the middle of the fairway. Spieth also uses the driver and keeps it just in the fairway.

Hole 3, Par 4

Shot 4: McIlroy and Spieth both save par.

Shot 3: Spieth pushes his putt up the green, and it trickles back slightly as it approached the pin. McIlroy’s putt slowed up as it approached the cup. Woods ends his streak of bogeys with a birdie putt to move back to only 1 over for the day.

Shot 2: Great approach by Woods. He drops his second shot right next to pin, and is set up well for a birdie. Spieth’s second shot comes up just short of the green and hits the edge, where it stops. McIlroy hits the green, but the ball rolls off the side.

Shot 1: McIlroy keeps his momentum going off the tee. Another strong shot down the middle of the fairway to start the third hole. Spieth spots his drive right next to McIlroy’s. Woods’ shot is a bit behind the other two in his group, but he stays in the middle of the fairway to start the hole.

Hole 2, Par 4

Shot 5: Woods now has a bogey on his third straight hole. 

Shot 4: Woods’ putt carries to the left of the hole and past it. Spieth saves par with the short putt.

Shot 3: Looked like Woods might have had a chance at birdie on a long putt from the edge of the green, but it has too much speed and just carries to the right of the pin. Spieth’s birdie attempt stops short of the hole. McIlroy gets his putt to fall, and he now holds a two-shot lead at the PGA Championship.

Shot 2: Woods keeps his shot from rolling into the bunker, though it just rolls to the right of the green. Spieth drops his shot on the green down and to the left of the hole. Doesn’t get much better than McIlroy’s approach though. His shot hits the middle of the green and gives him a great chance to birdie on his putt.

Shot 1: McIlroy continues his strong play off the tee. He crushes another drive and keeps it on the fairway. Spieth’s tee shot is sent left, but gets pulled by the wind to the left-center portion of the fairway. Woods keeps his shot on the fairway near the middle-right.

Hole 1, Par 4

Shot 5: Second straight bogey for Woods, who finishes the easy putt on his fifth shot.

Shot 4: Spieth finishes the tap in for par. Woods’ putt drifts wide to the right. McIlroy with another par to stay out in front of the pack.

Shot 3: Woods rolls his chip shot past the pin and he will have an uphill putt to the hole. McIlroy’s putt hooks to the left of the hole, but he’s in a good position for par on the next putt. Spieth’s putt stops short of the hole.

Shot 2: Woods plays it safe on a difficult shot to place himself back on the fairway outside of the green. Spieth’s approach bounces on the edge of the green and rolls up onto it. McIlroy lands on the green, but doesn’t get it quite as close to the pin as it seems he was hoping.

Shot 1: Another crushed shot off the tee by McIlroy that lands in the middle of the fairway. Woods hooks the drive wide right into the rough. Spieth is on the rough again on the drive, but on the left side of the fairway.

Hole 18, Par 4

Shot 5: Woods sinks the bogey shot, his second one of the day. Spieth finishes with the bogey, his third in the past four holes.

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Shot 4: Woods’ putt just rolled around the lip of the cup, but he can’t get it to drop. Spieth gives the putt a tap, but it rolls around the edge as well. McIlroy saves par with a good putt on the 18.

Shot 3: Really nice approach by Spieth. His shot from the bunker puts him just a few feet away from the hole. Lined up nicely for a putt for par. Woods’ shot hits the edge of the green and rolls around to the edge of the green. He’ll have a challenging putt for par coming up. McIlroy just taps the putt from the edge, but it doesn’t have enough to reach the hole.

Shot 2: Spieth’s shot goes from the rough to the bunker just outside the hole. McIlroy’s shot from the rough hits the green and rolls just outside. Good shot by the leader. Woods’ shot hits the green and bounces into the bunker behind the hole. 

Shot 1: McIlroy crushes his initial drive straight up the fairway. Woods also with a strong drive, keeping his hooked on the right side of the fairway. Spieth’s drive goes to the left and just gets into the rough.

Hole 17, Par 4

Shot 4: Woods and McIlroy settle for par with the tap ins. Spieth rolls his in to finish the two-putt par.

Shot 3: Spieth’s birdie putt comes up short. Woods’ putt nearly reaches the lip of the hole, but doesn’t go in. McIlroy’s also looked to narrowly miss the hole, but he’ll also have to settle for par.

Shot 2: Strong approach by Woods, whose shot hits the green and just rolls out to the edge. McIlroy’s putt hits closer to the pin, but it also slides down the slope and rolls to the edge. Spieth’s shot just stays on the green, but it is far from the hole. Looks like a two-putt par approach for Spieth.

Shot 1: McIlroy with a strong drive straight down the left side of the fairway. Woods’ drive follows McIlroy’s down the left side and is just a few yards back of his start. Spieth connects with a strong drive that briefly rolls into the rough before trickling back onto the fairway.

Hole 16, Par 4

Shot 5: Spieth has his second straight bogey.

Shot 4: Spieth’s putt sales wide. Woods and McIlroy both finish the hole with par.

Shot 3: Solid approach by Spieth just misses chipping it into the hole, but sets him up well for par. McIlroy follows that up with a strong chip that puts him close to the hole. Woods’ putt is wide left. Each golfer in this group will have a short putt for par coming up.

Shot 2: Spieth’s shot was hit hard, but carries a little past the green and into the rough back and to the right. Good approach by Woods keeps him on the green. Long putt for birdie to come for him. McIlroy’s shot out of the bunker is just short of the green.

Shot 1: McIlroy’s drive doesn’t have enough behind it to sail over the bunker, and just hits the lip for his first missed fairway today. Woods keeps his shot on the fairway, keeping it in front of the bunker. Spieth also keeps his drive short of the bunker on the drive and will start on the fairway.

Hole 15, Par 4

Shot 5: Woods and Spieth finish the putts for bogey.

Shot 4: Woods’ putt drifts to the left. He’ll have a short putt for bogey coming up. Spieth pushes the putt a bit too far to the right. 

Shot 3: Good approach by Spieth as he’s able to drop in his shot from the flat of the bunker just outside the hole. Woods overshoots the hole, and it could be a long putt for par. McIlroy sinks the nine-foot putt for birdie to go 4 under, and he now takes the lead.

Shot 2: Woods drops his shot in the bunker. McIlroy bounces his shot onto the green and spots him a few feet back of the pin. He’s in range for another birdie putt. Spieth’s shot joins Woods’ in the bunker.

Shot 1: McIlroy keeps his drive on the right and lands on the fairway to open the 15th hole. Low shot by Woods can’t stay on the fairway and hooks into the rough. Spieth’s drive carries the farthest, but rolls just off the fairway into the rough.

Hole 14, Par 3

Shot 3: Spieth tips in for par. Clearly disappointed by his miss on his first putt.

Shot 2: Beautiful putt by McIlroy curves right into the hole for his third straight birdie and gives him a tie for the lead. Spieth’s putt again has the force behind it, but it doesn’t curve enough for the birdie. Woods drops in the birdie to go 2 under par for the day.

Shot 1: Good shot by McIlroy off the tee. He drops the ball on the green and will have a chance at a third straight birdie on the par 3 hole. Spieth also plays the wind well as his shot hooks perfectly onto the green within range of a long birdie putt. Woods’ shot gets him the closest as his ball rolls inside Spieth’s drive.

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Hole 13, Par 5

Shot 5: Spieth finishes the tip-in shot after his near miss. Woods knocks in the short putt for par.

Shot 4: Good approach by Woods after a shaky third shot. His chip shot sets him up well for par. Long putt by Spieth just goes to the right of the hole and wraps around. McIlroy takes the lead in the group by making the short putt for birdie.

Shot 3: Woods’ third shot bounces off the green and into the back bunker. Spieth’s chip shot picks up too much speed when it hits the green out of the bunker and speeds a bit past the hole. McIlroy is placed well to have him set up just outside the hole.

Shot 2: Woods lays up his second shot to set himself up with a wedge shot on the par 5. Spieth and McIlroy both send their second shots into the bunker to the right of the hole.

Shot 1: Spieth with a good start sending his drive straight down the fairway. McIlroy’s drive travels a similar distance to Spieth’s, but a bit closer to the edge of the fairway. Woods’ drive doesn’t have the carry of Spieth’s and McIlroy’s, but he joins them on the fairway on the first hole.

Hole 12, Par 4

Shot 4: Woods knocks down the putt for par. 

Shot 3: Woods’ putt for birdie has the force behind it, but it doesn’t reach the hole, and it trails to the right and past the hole. He’ll have a close putt for par. Spieth sinks the putt for birdie, as does McIlroy. Assuming Woods makes his next shot, the group will also be 1 under.

Shot 2: Another good approach by Woods. He drops his iron shot on the green in range for a potential putt for birdie, but a more likely two-putt for par. Spieth with a really nice approach, setting himself up with an uphill putt for birdie. But McIlroy’s shot sets him up better than either of them. He drops his shot inside two feet from the pin as he will have a great chance at a birdie.

Shot 1: Woods sends his first shot off the tee as a 150 mph line drive. Spieth yanks his shot far wide to the left, but it sticks on the fairway. McIlroy also sends his far up the fairway, setting himself up closest to the green after the first shot.

Hole 11, Par 3

Shot 3: Woods and McIlroy finish the 11th holes with tap-ins. Spieth wraps up with the putt for par as well.

Shot 2: Strong putt by Spieth to set himself up for a close putt for par on his next shot. Woods’ birdie putt trickles just wide to the left, but it’ll be an easy shot to make for par. McIlroy’s try for birdie also comes up just short. 

Shot 1: Woods drops his opening shot in the middle of the green. Spieth’s shot starts to trickle toward the edge of the green, but stays on. McIlroy’s shot is closer to Woods’ on the green.

Hole 10, Par 4

Shot 4: McIlroy and Spieth both finish with par.

Shot 3: McIlroy’s putt comes up just short. He’ll just need to tap it in for par. Spieth’s putt also is just short of the hole. Woods birdies on the 10th hole with the easy putt. Perfect start to his day.

Shot 2: McIlroy lands on the green, but it starts to roll a bit away from the pin. Spieth also has a nice approach on the green, though his ball too picks up some speed as it rolled down the slope. Woods’ shot was by far the best. He dropped the ball just a few feet away from the hole, and will have an excellent chance at a birdie on the first hole.

Shot 1: Woods follows Spieth and McIlroy off the tee and gets a big ovation. All three golfers start on the fairway.

9:09 a.m.: Woods, McIlroy and Spieth are now together at the 10th hole. Just about to get underway at Southern Hills Country Club.

Tiger Woods tee time today

Woods, McIlroy and Spieth will begin their first round at the PGA Championship from the 10th tee at 9:11 a.m. ET.

How to watch 2022 PGA Championship Round 1

  • TV channel: ESPN
  • Broadcast times: 1-8 p.m. ET
  • Live stream (morning): ESPN+
  • Live stream (afternoon): ESPN+ | fuboTV

ESPN will handle the broadcast of the PGA Championship over the first two days of the tournament. The nationally televised broadcast won’t begin until 1 p.m. ET, however, which means prospective viewers can only find the start of Woods’ Round 1 on ESPN+ in the morning.

ESPN+ will have coverage of featured groups and holes 16, 17 and 18.

ESPN’s broadcast will begin at 1 p.m. ET with an alternate telecast featuring Joe Buck and Michael Collins on the call. At 2 p.m. ET, their broadcast will move to ESPN2 and the main ESPN broadcast crew will take over on the network.

Viewers hoping to stream ESPN and ESPN2’s broadcast over the weekend can also find it on fuboTV, which offers a free trial.