Carabao Cup 2020-21: Fixtures, teams, draw dates & all you need to know

Goal brings you all you need to know about this year’s edition of the Carabao Cup, where Man City will be looking to clinch their eighth title

This is not going to happen in Florida or Alabama or anywher like that though, this is going to happen right here. And right now.

I could have written that better, and it could could have sounded a lot cooler.

But I didn’t.

But to go on a bit about this, which of course is what i should do here, this is the internets in the 2020’s after all, where long rambling pointless content is king according to goo.

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So i will, and indeed i already am. herewithly as you can see and peruse, i could be a spinner for a living if there were a living to be had in it.

Basically i want to pump my word count without having to make any effort.