Antoine Winfield Jr. fined for his ridiculously petty and awesome Super Bowl 55 taunt of Tyreek Hill

A good taunt is its own reward — even if the fine is ridiculous.

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL has handed Antoine Winfield Jr. a $7,815 fine for his taunt of Tyreek Hill in Super Bowl 55, a game that the Buccaneers dominated, 31-9, and in which Winfield handed Hill a separate L on the side.

Winfield, though, is doing some good with the situation: He’s donating the same amount to the Hillsborough Education Foundation in Tampa, Fla., to help bolster the Youth Leadership Program at Tampa’s Young Middle School. 

The Buccaneers are matching Winfield’s fine, making for just over a $15,000 donation to the local program.

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In case you forgot, Winfield was flagged for taunting Hill in the Super Bowl win, stealing Hill’s signature peace sign on a late-game pass breakup.

The two had a short history, with Hill burning the Buccaneers’ secondary for more than 200 yards in a regular-season matchup earlier in the year. Hill got his opportunity to throw up the deuces more than once, with three touchdowns in the Week 12 blowout win.

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Still, it seems pretty ridiculous for the NFL to hand out fines for taunts of this nature, considering that players spend the better part of four hours causing harm to one another. What’s wrong with a few hurt feelings?

Turnabout is fairplay, he who laughs last laughs loudest, etc., etc.